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It’s the best option for you to take Zomato reviews custom or by your own written texts so that you can see what you want to see in the reviews section. You will get a great amount of orders when you have many good reviews, but if you do not have many reviews you will hardly get order. So what we are offering you all positive reviews from Zomato so that you can take your restaturant to a next level. Get quite profit by your orders. You will get everyday hundreds of orders if you show front and with many positive reviews it will be done. So increase the reviews ratings and get the ROI. Maximize your sales with growing the reviews. You must know what Zomato is and what is it capable to do.

What is Zomato?

Zomato is an Indian restaurant search aggregator and food delivery site which provides you the best restaurant through their rating system. So if you want to find the best restaurant around you then you should have Zomato

Although they are providing their service in 22 country right now. Mostly in India UAE etc. If you are craving for a meal which is Asian or even Arabian or European then just install the app and write your food name. That’s it you will see the nearby restaturant containing that food. It supports android as well as iOS device. Any name or cuisine can be found there with many other features which makes this app great. It’s previous name was Foodiebay but they have changed it so that there shouldn’t be any legal problem from eBay and later on they changed it to UrbanSpoon but it’s doesn’t fit their demand so they bought Zomato. People can order online here and they have good service for every foods. You can choose any restaurant and order from there so you will get the delivery at home.

How to be benefited from Zomato?

You can give there banner ads which is really good and effected for your restaurants. You will have quite customers from that since a lot of people daily visits that. Event advertising is one of the great thing for you too. You can take counselling from them for your restaurant. They have services like, able Reservations, Online Ordering, POS systems and Cashless payments.

How Zomato gets orders

Zomato uses their apps and market it to various people in the world. They get a lot of online orders and offline as well. When a customer take it then they become the permanent customers and they repeat the orders because of their discount system, clients get a good discount for repetitive orders. All that is important is eating which people do everyday so this sector is always growing. Get your luck confirmed by making at least 50 reviews and see the result, you might do marketing many ways but it’s the best, when people will see the reviews they will make orders, it’s one time invest and after having many clients you will get their reviews and it will grow gradually with your permanent customers.

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Amazing facts about Zomato which you might not know: 

1) In November 2010, Foodiebay was renamed to UrbanSpoon and then Zomato

2) Zomato is now partner with more than 8000 restaurants in India.

3) How many restaurants are with them do you know? It’s 284,500.

4) Zomato is available in 100 of Indian cities.

5) Their monthly users is now 19 million.

6) Zomato covers now 1 million restaurants worldwide across 23 countries.

7) Zomato is available in 9 international languages.

8) Zomato now attracts more than 90 million monthly visitors.

9) Till date, Zomato has grabbed a total of $225 million in funding.

10) The number of Facebook fans for Zomato is 1.27 million.

11) Zomato covers over a million restaurants across 10,000+ cities in 23 countries.

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